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Implementing Liveability: Clyde Loakes at Oxford Town Hall

Waltham Forest Deputy Leader Clyde Loakes speaks about implementing…

Botley Road Corridor Improvements - consultation response

submitted by Oxfordshire Liveable Streets contact Danny Yee…

Traffic Evaporation

"You get the traffic you build for" is an axiom that all of Oxfordshire's…

Oxford City Centre Movement and Public Realm Strategy

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in April hosted a city-centre meeting…

20 Pence Day

Please join us on Friday, April 26! OLS members and supporters…

Visit Waltham Forest's 'Mini Holland' (6 April 2019)

Find out here about the OLS visit to Waltham Forest -- family…

Mini Holland Workshop

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in January 2019 hosted a Mini Holland…

Profile in Courage: Waltham Forest Cllr Clyde Loakes

Waltham Forest Councillor Clyde Loakes (pictured) delivered…


Oxfordshire's transport arrangements are strained. The annual…

Tavistock Place, Camden (London)

The "Inspector's Report on the Torrington Place to Tavistock…

Pedal & Post

Did you know that Oxford is home to one of the biggest "last-mile"…

More than 25% of disabled commutes in Cambridge are by bike

Riding a bike may be easier than walking for two-thirds of disabled…

Fair-weather cycling?

Do people cycle in all seasons? In Copenhagen, pictured above,…

Stevenage's unloved bike lanes

The UK town of Stevenage (pop 88,000) famously built miles of…

Dronning Street in Copenhagen

Car space on Dronning Louises Bridge in Copenhagen was reduced…

Motorised traffic journey times after space-reduction

London's Cycle Superhighways (CSHs) offer one example of a reallocation…

Oxford's own Cherwell School is Number One!

Cherwell School in north Oxford has the best cycling modal share…


The objects for which our organisation was established are:

  • To promote a safe and liveable streetscape and travel environment in Oxfordshire.
  • To develop and see the realisation of a blueprint for a better transport environment in Oxfordshire.
  • To engage directly with the public to make the case for liveable streetscapes in Oxfordshire.
  • To build a coalition with organisations, institutions and others supporting the switch to liveable streets in Oxfordshire.
  • To support political candidates for city, parish and county office in Oxfordshire to the extent allowable under the Representation of the People Act 1983 (RPA).

Excerpted from the Oxfordshire Liveable Streets Articles of Association

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