We are an advocacy organisation committed to improving the lives of Oxfordshire residents through innovations in neighbourhood design, street and highway layout, and transport infrastructure. We advocate the prioritisation of active travel such as walking and cycling, and the replacement of the current model under which private motor vehicles dominate our streets and neighbourhoods.

Motor vehicles are not only highly inefficient users of roadspace, they are also direct contributors to air and noise pollution, injuries and deaths on the road, and crippling congestion. Roads should serve the most efficient, safe, and clean forms of transport so that more space can be given to people and communities.

OLS are calling for a radical, holistic step-change. Our Core Principles can be adapted to urban and rural areas across the county. We advocate integrated transport systems that put active modes first, supplemented by public transport options. We call for pedestrianized city and town centres, as well as an end to rat-running in residential neighbourhoods. All non-pedestrianized areas will nevertheless still be accessible by car.

We look to developments in the Netherlands in the 1970s. We also look to the changes made more recently in Waltham Forest, London.

The outcome will benefit everyone in Oxfordshire. Less private-motorised traffic means less pollution, less congestion, fewer injuries and deaths, higher rates of physical activity, and less roadway animosity. Giving more space to people instead of cars will generate more connectivity, more community, and more liveability.


Oxfordshire Liveable Streets is a private company limited by guarantee and registered in England with the company number 11469098 and registered address The Old Chapel, Union Way, Witney, England, OX28 6HD, ENGLAND. Our articles are viewable here (pdf).

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