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OLS Statement on Oxford “Zero Emissions Zone”

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets supports the Zero Emission Zone proposed for central Oxford, but we feel it is far too limited in scope, and not just in the area covered. There are many reasons for reducing and restricting motor traffic in central Oxford. With its narrow focus on exhaust emissions, the proposed Oxford Zero Emission Zone […]

Botley Road Corridor Improvements – Comments on revised plans

Image: Enjoy Waltham Forest submitted by Oxfordshire Liveable Streets contact Danny Yee <danny@oxlivsts.org.uk> The changes to the original proposals for Botley Rd introduce some small improvements and some regressions. In the light of Connecting Oxford and the urgent need to reduce motor traffic volumes, we urge consideration of bigger changes. Comments on the changes We […]

OLS Statement on Connecting Oxford

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets Statement on “Connecting Oxford” November 2019 Summary Background Connecting Oxford OLS Response Connecting Oxford Plus Politics   Summary “Connecting Oxford” is the county and city councils’ proposal to improve transportation in Oxford and between Oxford and outlying towns.  Oxfordshire Liveable Streets supports this proposal. We believe it will succeed in its main […]

Richard the Cycling Gardener

Local organic gardener ditches van to help tackle climate breakdown For immediate release Richard MacKenzie: hello@richardthegardener.co.uk  A local organic gardener was moved to tears when he saw thousands of school students marching in the streets of Oxford demanding action on climate change in September. He has now ditched his van for a cargo-bike to travel […]

Electrification and Simplification of Public Transport in Oxford

“Electrification and Simplification of Public Transport in Oxford: A ‘Revolutionary’ Suggestion” is a new pamphlet written by Oxford resident Keith Frayn. It begins: Oxford’s bus network is characterised by duplication of buses on the main arterial routes, resulting in part from multiple bus operating companies and in part from the expressed wish of the bus […]


Implementing Liveability: Clyde Loakes at Oxford Town Hall

Waltham Forest Deputy Leader Clyde Loakes speaks about implementing the only successful ‘Mini Holland’ scheme in London. Councillor Loakes is Deputy Leader of the Waltham Forest Borough Council. He will be speaking about the experience of Waltham Forest in implementing Britain’s first comprehensive low-traffic neighbourhood scheme. The scheme is part of a larger set of […]

Botley Road Corridor Improvements – consultation response

submitted by Oxfordshire Liveable Streets contact Danny Yee <danny@oxlivsts.org.uk> The scheme is basically a refresh of the existing layout, with some improvements but no change in fundamentals. In particular, it assumes as a primary goal the maximisation of motor vehicle throughput in peak hour, prioritising that over safety and accessibility for people walking and cycling. […]


Traffic Evaporation

“You get the traffic you build for” is an axiom that all of Oxfordshire’s localities should live by. Years of research conclude that building more roads generates additional traffic, and reducing the amount of road-space evaporates some traffic. This post is about evaporation. As the image implies, some of the traffic switches to other modes; some […]

Oxford City Centre Movement and Public Realm Strategy

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in April hosted a city-centre meeting on the two councils’ City Centre Movement and Public Realm Strategy. This meeting was organised by OLS on behalf of the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel. We were extremely fortunate to have the attendance of most stakeholder groups associated with city-centre movement and public […]