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On-street cycle hangars

Local authorities across the UK are taking steps to make it easier to store a bicycle. London is the key example. Glasgow and Edinburgh are also on the case. The on-street cycle hangar replaces one car space with secure, covered storage for six cycles. In streets with narrow pavements, a four-cycle unit can be positioned […]


Oxford transport: The big picture

OLS director Danny Yee discusses the “big picture” for Oxford transport. He touches on the importance of ground transportation as a contributor to global heating (and what we can do about it — hint: the answer isn’t “EVs”), the difficulty of treating cars as a mass-transport device in an urban environment (they are the least-space-efficient […]

My letter to a resident

Dick Wolff is Oxford City Council councillor for the St Mary’s ward in East Oxford. This letter is his response to a letter from a resident, who was unhappy about plans to introduce LTNs in the area.    Not long ago I did a Google map directions search from Bedford Street (Iffley Fields) to the […]

East Oxford LTN engagement survey now open!

Please take a moment to tell the county council your views on the next batch of LTNs for Oxfordshire: St Mary’s, Divinity Road area, and St Clements area. Take the survey. While you’re here …. Have you done everything you can to support the LTN trials in Cowley? Complete the trial consultation survey Sign the […]

Oxford city-centre bus gates

Oxford is considering creating more city-centre space for people on foot and on cycle. The way to do this is by limiting the usage of city-centre streets by private motor traffic. This can be done via ANPR cameras at strategic points to enforce no-entry to private cars except those with exemptions. A full discussion of […]

Businesses and low-traffic neighbourhoods

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets hosted a forum on the business impacts associated with low-traffic neighbourhoods. What impact will Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have on your business? You can now see the business forum online here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/businesses-and-low Here are some of the testimonials read out during the session. These businesses are located on the Francis Road or Orford […]

Connecting Oxford Plus

Connecting Oxford Plus Connecting Oxford is the city and county councils’ proposal to improve transportation in Oxford. It (1) takes through-car traffic out of the city centre and (2) takes through-traffic out of the inner ring-road (B4495). Both of these would be accomplished by ANPR cameras to allow transit of permitted vehicles (in particular, buses, […]

Emergency Active Travel Funding

1 June 2020 Yvonne Constance OBE Cabinet Member for Environment Oxfordshire County Council Re: Emergency Active Travel Funding Dear Councillor Constance, The undersigned organisations – Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, Oxford Friends of the Earth and Oxford Civic Society – are delighted to see that the funding allocation made to Oxfordshire by the Department for Transport (DfT) […]