Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in April hosted a city-centre meeting on the two councils’ City Centre Movement and Public Realm Strategy. This meeting was organised by OLS on behalf of the Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel.

We were extremely fortunate to have the attendance of most stakeholder groups associated with city-centre movement and public realm and are grateful to them and to the two councils and the report’s authors for attending this meeting.

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Please join us on Friday, April 26!

OLS members and supporters will gather in the city centre to hand out flyers and stickers to commuters and others arriving by cycle, on foot, or on the bus. We want to say ‘Thank you’ for benefiting our society despite the unwelcoming infrastructure. Active travellers in particular contribute over £2 per day in terms of the health benefits to individuals, savings in NHS costs, productivity gains, and reductions in air pollution and congestion.

Please turn up anytime from about 8:15 am till 10:00 am. We’ll be on Broad Street under an OLS banner. We could use all the shiny faces we can get for this event, rallying people to the cause of active travel and liveable streets!

For a lucky portion of these commuters, there will be twenty pence taped to the flyer — an order of magnitude less than each active-travel commuter’s actual societal contribution. 

There will also be stickers featuring the beautiful OLS logo. We want people to wear them into work and tell colleagues and friends about this quirky campaign with a serious message: It’s time for councils to prioritise active and sustainable travel.

Find out here about the OLS visit to Waltham Forest — family friendly (bring scooters!) but not family-exclusive!