LTNs: What does the research tell us?

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Original Field of Architecture

Liveable Neighbourhoods in Cowley

Please see our dedicated Cowley LTN page at You can also find information at Please feel free to use the space below to post your comments and questions. All views are important and welcome.…

Businesses and low-traffic neighbourhoods

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets hosted a forum on the business impacts associated with low-traffic neighbourhoods. What impact will Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have on your business? You can now see the business forum online here: Here…

St. Mary’s Liveable Neighbourhood

This scheme for a liveable neighbourhood in the St Mary's area (including Howard Street and Magdalen Road) was commissioned by city councillors Craig Simmons and Dick Wolff and has the support of city and county councillors for the affected…
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Motherload movie | Fewer cars, More go. Oxfordshire screening

Click below for the Q&A with the director and with the leader of Waltham Forest Borough Council. Filmed: Sunday, May 3. 645-945 pm.

Costing a Low-Traffic Neighbourhood in Oxford

Update 29 June 2020: The maps associated with this project and budget are not current. Please see for latest maps. You can download the Budget for a Low-Traffic Neighbourhood in Oxford here. The budget was drawn…
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Traffic Evaporation

"You get the traffic you build for" is an axiom that all of Oxfordshire's localities should live by. Years of research conclude that building more roads generates additional traffic, and reducing the amount of road-space evaporates some traffic. This…

Visit Waltham Forest’s ‘Mini Holland’ (6 April 2019)

Find out here about the OLS visit to Waltham Forest -- family friendly (bring scooters!) but not family-exclusive!

Mini Holland Workshop

Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in January 2019 hosted a Mini Holland briefing for Oxford city and county councillors and officers and other community leaders. We are grateful to our two presenters from Waltham Forest who shared their invaluable…

Profile in Courage: Waltham Forest Cllr Clyde Loakes

Waltham Forest Councillor Clyde Loakes (pictured) delivered this speech at the Healthy Streets conference in London, 2018. His speech was transcribed on Twitter by Chris Kenyon (@boxbikelondon). (Click here for the original Twitter thread.)…