Waltham Forest Deputy Leader Clyde Loakes speaks about implementing the only successful ‘Mini Holland’ scheme in London.

Councillor Loakes is Deputy Leader of the Waltham Forest Borough Council. He will be speaking about the experience of Waltham Forest in implementing Britain’s first comprehensive low-traffic neighbourhood scheme. The scheme is part of a larger set of liveability improvements called Enjoy Waltham Forest. This is the implementation of the Mini Holland funds provided by Transport for London.

Mini Holland funds were available to any outer-London borough that was willing to implement a swathe of liveability improvements, of which low-traffic neighbourhoods were a key component. Eighteen bid for the funds, three were accepted, and Waltham Forest has delivered.

Waltham Forest has been feted for this programme, receiving over one hundred delegations from across the UK (and beyond) and winning a number of awards.

Come hear Councillor Loakes talk about the journey to get there — and, six years into the project — the payoffs that are starting to mount.

This is a ticketed, free-of-cost event. Book your ticket now at Eventbrite.

Here is the promotional video celebrating five years of the Mini Holland effort.

Here is Councillor Loakes trying to explain the programme to BBC Radio Oxford’s David Prever:

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