Local authorities across the UK are taking steps to make it easier to store a bicycle. London is the key example. Glasgow and Edinburgh are also on the case.

The on-street cycle hangar replaces one car space with secure, covered storage for six cycles.

In streets with narrow pavements, a four-cycle unit can be positioned perpendicular to the pavement. Safe access to the hangar is provided via a bollard (as in Figure 1 below) or by standing two units face-to-face (Figure 2).

Example: Regent Street in East Oxford

Note: The Google Streetview camera is positioned here at 15 Regent St. This is not a suggestion that hangars should be sited at 15 Regent Street.

The pavement on the south side of Regent Street might be too narrow to provide access to the hangar.

A four-cycle hangar provides an alternative, as sketched below.

Figure 1: Bollard arrangement

Figure 2: Face-to-face arrangement