This scheme for a liveable neighbourhood in the St Mary’s area (including Howard Street and Magdalen Road) was commissioned by city councillors Craig Simmons and Dick Wolff and has the support of city and county councillors for the affected areas.

St Marys Low Traffic Neighbourhood Presentation 26th March 2020
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  1. Fridolin Wild
    Fridolin Wild says:

    … and convert Cowley Road into a pedestrian area, so there is enough space for social distancing. This would upgrade the area, stream more people to the shops with enough space to walk, increase air quality…

  2. Craig
    Craig says:

    Lovely ideas. I still think it needs more thought e.g. Why isn’t Howard street two way (otherwise traffic will be funnelled down Charles street and Percy street effectively duplicating journey length) & How are industrial vehicles going to do delivery (e.g. Co-op delivery truck). However this has great potential. What will be the process be to start getting local ideas to build on the proposal and ensure all thinking is robust?

  3. Gillian Coates
    Gillian Coates says:

    I participated in the meeting last night(17th) and have some comments to make. I live on James Street. The modal filter sounds good but better still would be a public space with seats and trees between the two envisaged between St Mary’s and Hurst Street junctions (adjacent to 30/31 and 59/60 James Street). If this goes ahead, and I hope it does, then it will be essential to retain double yellow lines on all sides of the road to prevent cars from parking in front of a modal filter.

    I did not note the link to the survey or know how to source it. Please provide. Thank you.


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