7-9 September 2019, Oxford UK

Oxford Mini Holland Weekend is a celebration of the remarkable changes put into place in Waltham Forest, London. There, several 0.5 to 1.0 square kilometre areas have been converted into no-through-traffic zones. Residential street junctions into larger roads have been narrowed, making it much, much easier for people to negotiate on foot and with a pram, scooter, wheelchair or cycle. The net effect of these changes is to create a welcoming environment for people — an environment where people feel safe to leave the car at home.  Through the Weekend’s three days, we hope to inspire attendees to consider how their residential areas could be made more ‘liveable’. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the boldest, most pro-liveability changes in the UK in recent memory!

Saturday, 7 September
Mini Holland: Why not here?

OLS are running workshops on neighbourhood liveability, at the Like Riding a Bike conference by Cyclox and Oxford Brookes University. Tickets required.

Workshop 1: Mini-Holland: Why not here?

This is the kickoff event of Oxford Mini-Holland Weekend. See a short video featuring Waltham Forest’s radical pro-liveability changes and interviews with Waltham Forest politicians and residents. See Oxfordshire Liveable Streets’ costings for a low-traffic neighbourhood in Florence Park. Breakout sessions on the impact of a low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) and the political journey to get there.

This session complements the ‘Safari to Florence Park Estate’ session.

Workshop 2: Safari to Florence Park estate

This will be a curated safari by bicycle of the Florence Park estate, departing from and returning to Brookes. Participants will discuss the key elements of liveable streets and neighbourhood design.

This session complements the ‘Mini-Holland: Why not here?’ workshop.

Sunday, 8 September
Oxford Mini-Holland Drop-in

Flo’s – The Place in the Park. 2-5 pm.

Drop by Flo’s nursery for a family-friendly (but not family-only!) space to chat about ‘Mini Holland’ and the Waltham Forest experience of pro-liveability neighbourhood design.  You can see the costings for a low-traffic neighbourhood application to Florence Park. There will be maps and a chance to talk about how we manage traffic in residential areas in Oxford.

There will be a prize for the best children’s drawing of their ideal street. The drawings will be judged by MP Anneliese Dodds, a leading Parliamentary supporter of active travel and neighbourhood liveability

We will also have a “Maxi Holland” exhibit of Dutch styles of cycles that are popping up around Oxford. These are cargo bikes, trikes and all sorts. Take a spin and see if this would suit your needs, whether you are a trades person, parent or anyone with more complex transportation needs than a normal two-wheeled cycle can accommodate.

Monday, 9 September
Oxford Mini Holland Night

Florence Park Community Centre. 7 for 730 pm.

We will show the new OLS video about Waltham Forest and hear from guests from Waltham Forest who can talk about their experience of  the UK’s most ambitious neighbourhood liveability reforms. Breakout sessions will allow time for more questions and discussion around the journey to more liveable neighbourhoods in Oxford. Tickets (free) required.

The video above is Waltham Forest deputy leader Clyde Loakes trying to explain the essentials of a ‘Low-traffic neighbourhood’.

The video below was made by the Borough of Waltham Forest to mark five years of the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme — the implementation of Waltham Forest’s successful Mini Holland bid.

Note on the video: Focus on the liveability elements apart from the segregated cycle track, which entail a different level of investment than the other liveability improvements being highlighted during Oxford Mini Holland Week.