“Electrification and Simplification of Public Transport in Oxford: A ‘Revolutionary’ Suggestion” is a new pamphlet written by Oxford resident Keith Frayn. It begins:

Oxford’s bus network is characterised by duplication of buses on the main arterial routes, resulting in part from multiple bus operating companies and in part from the expressed wish of the bus operating companies not to ask passengers to transfer buses. This results in congestion, with buses holding up buses in heavy traffic in the city centre.

There are many problems with public transport in the city centre. St Aldates and High Street feel over-crowded with buses; heavy, long-distance buses roar through city centre streets; buses continue to need to use Queen Street despite opposition from many people; a new study has suggested routing buses along presently quiet streets including Holywell Street; bus stop placements are confusing; and there is overcrowding at bus stops so that local buses may not stop when there are already long-distance buses waiting.

You can download the full report here: Frayn – Oxford buses 2019. Comments welcome below.


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