Worried about rat-running and air pollution?
Want healthier, more liveable streets?
Interested in creating a low-traffic neighbourhood?
Waltham Forest shows how it can be done!

In 2013, Waltham Forest began to transform its streets so that they prioritised residents and children over through-traffic. They have seen huge reductions in traffic and corresponding increases in people on foot or bicycle in the streets. ‘Pocket parks’, planters, seating, and space to talk to neighbours make the streets more pleasant to live on and pass through. More than 100 delegations from other parts of the UK have visited Waltham Forest in the hope of copying the ‘mini-Holland’ approach—including councillors from Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Join us for a family-friendly, subsidised day trip by minibus to Waltham Forest to see what’s possible for Oxford’s neighbourhoods.

Saturday 6th April, 9am–5pm

Join us and find out how much better your neighbourhood could be!

Minibus departs from Jolly Postboys at 9am | £5 per place

Tickets: Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/waltham-forest-mini-holland-visit-tickets-58566360561